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FAQ around the Swingers Club

Hello, welcome to our FAQ page. This page is constantly being updated, improved and extended. It is worthwhile to visit this page from time to time. 

This page lives from your questions we have been asked during the year. 

So – if something is missing, please send it to us 🙂 

info(at) elixirdefuego.com 

Yes, please take a look at the events page. It can generally be assumed that Saturdays and Thursdays are nights for couples. 

We are a club and we would like the experience of erotic fantasies to be in the foreground. 

Normally you already have a swimming pool in your hotel and sunbathing at night is a bit difficult.

Sex in the pool or jacuzzi is not tolerated by well-managed clubs for reasons of hygiene. The health of the guests should always be in the foreground! Without a professional cleaning system of high quality, which should have a considerable effect on the price of entry, this equipment is beyond our reach.

I can’t answer that question. There is no obligation to register with us. Therefore we do not have the possibility in advance to give exact details.
We have room for a total of 60 people. We reach them every weekend in the summer season.
All other details are estimates that can be given.

Yes, please take a look at the Information page. There you will find everything explained in detail. 

One of the keys to avoiding bad times is knowing where each one fits.

For example, there are soft couples who have anything but penetrating sex: They can look at each other or touch each other, kiss each other and even go as far as oral sex. But without penetration.

With complete couples it is possible to exchange with penetration.

And there are couples or singles who go to the club because many couples do not look for partners, they look for threesomes.

The adventure begins. In our club there is a part of the atmosphere, let’s say “initiative”, where couples have a drink, look at each other and talk before undressing and go to other rooms.

Don’t be shy. 

The 4 golden rules
Respect, discretion, knowledge of self and immediate acceptance of rejection. These are the four rules that must be followed in a swingers club, an expression that means “swingers”, that is, they are open to everything. Users of our club like to enjoy an environment with health and safety standards, so this club has strict rules that lead to expulsion in case of non-compliance.

If you’re thinking of coming to the Elixir of Fire for the first time, we’d like to tell you this:

1. don’t be afraid
We understand perfectly the doubts and fears of the beginning.
The liberal premises are NOT what they have shown us on television or in the reports.
We are like a normal pub, but with people who understand and respect this world.
When you come for the first time, we show you the place, explain how it works and then you can have a drink in the bar until you see that it is a place where you will feel very comfortable.

The “Elixir de Fuego” (Elixir)
In “Elixir” respect is our maxim, and the customers who visit us, both boys and couples or girls, are elegant and respectful, so you will never find yourself in a complicated situation.
Don’t be afraid to talk to others. If you wish, we can introduce you to other couples so that you can talk to them.
Talking doesn’t mean something has to happen that you don’t want to.

3.- And then…….
As soon as you have verified that all this is true and you feel safe and comfortable, you decide.
You can go into the rooms and look, always with the same respect. You can stay in the bar, like in a normal pub, but with the morbidity of being in a “different” place.
You might consider realizing some of your fantasies or starting a new experience.


There are parties where special clothing is desired. An example would be here “a white party”, here the clothes would be white. So the ladies dressed in white, the gentleman in white pants, etc..

You can find information about this, at each event.

The right clothes are always desirable. You want to be attractive to someone else. Because, let’s be honest, you want sex 🙂
So, make something up. Be creative. Ladies can wear a nice lingerie, gentlemen, for example, an elastic underwear with or without a t-shirt. But please leave the “Primark-Slip” in the wardrobe 🙂

If all this is nothing, we also offer each customer a Sarrong.

The dress code has a set of socially accepted rules that determine the correct type of clothing in certain situations. Clothing for a wedding, cocktail party, or swingers party is not the same.

Most of these rules are unwritten, but common sense often prevails.

It seems to be a small problem, a meaningless detail, but the truth is that the right clothes and accessories can make a difference.

When we go to a local swinger, it is normal that we want to seduce, provoke, be sexy, in short, create another world for ourselves and for others. The ideal is to come with the right clothes, the minimum to be more attractive and seductive than usual while we stay at this party.

To create an erotic atmosphere, it is recommended that girls wear dresses or sexy lingerie and that high heels and boys dress according to the suggestions of their partners.

There are several ways to dress sexier, more attractive and more feminine. These are styles that almost all women prefer, whether blondes, brunettes, redheads, large, small, thin or fat. They give you the right attitude, security and confidence.

Mini dresses or short skirts are very suitable (also sexy). It allows you to have sex without taking it off. These skirts invite blows. Not everyone who has sex takes off their clothes completely, some take off the essentials, others remain “dressed” with skirts or dresses.

In a local swinger you also have the opportunity to wear clothes that you could never wear anywhere else. Take the opportunity to create dizziness, dresses with a free back, shoes with very high heels and fine pantyhose.

Red clothing

Red is the color of love and passion. It is one of the colors that catches our attention in the first place, and it is proven that men are sexually attracted when they see a woman in red. Wear a red dress, a red shirt, a red blouse, red shoes or red coats. If you don’t feel like it, try slowly with red nail polish, accessories, or earrings.

Silver dresses

Put aside the classic black dresses or youth prints and choose a silver dress for the next party. This colour is elegant, slim, sexy and underlines the silhouette. Combine it with shoes or wallet in the same shade and neutral accessories and you’re done!

Sexy lingerie: a trick that doesn’t fail. It will make you feel much more beautiful, which gives you a lot of security. And needless to say, you will cause more than a sigh in front of people. And if you are braver in attracting an allusive body, we assure you that you will be the center of all eyes.

High heels

The heels are very sexy because they stylize your figure, they will look higher and as an extra point – your gait will have a much more sensual movement.

These are very elegant and please men.

This will certainly be the case in the future. For the time being, however, it only affects individual gentlemen.

Couples can spend their first drinks in their street clothes at the bar. Then they are asked for erotic clothes.

It is forbidden to enter the rooms with street clothes. Users of our club like to enjoy an environment with standards of health, safety and erotic so this club has strict rules leading to expulsion in case of non-compliance.

First of all, I would like to say that knights are indispensable in liberal places. However, there are still some things that need to be clarified. The role of the single type, as I said before, is crucial in the world of dating, because every day there are more couples who want to play trio with boys. That doesn’t mean they do, but it’s true that almost every couple feels the need at some point to share the bed and sex with another man.

We have to demystify the fact that couples are only looking for young, handsome, well-educated guys who have nothing to do.

Couples don’t usually look for perfect boys. There are some who do, but the vast majority are looking for something that every woman is looking for: Education, hygiene, elegance and knowing how to be. With these four qualities each person has their own possibilities.

How many times has a man asked me how could I be a couple?

My answer is always the same: With conversation and education. Education opens the way to dialogue.

For example: “Good night, do you mind if I sit here?

Excuse me, I’m alone and if you don’t mind, I’d like to introduce myself.

From our experience, certainly if you’re a girl, you don’t have a partner, and you’ve never thought about going to a local liberal, you’ve thought about a lot of things, and maybe that made you give up.

Well, then. We want to explain the reality of liberal premises.

Forget the image of a dark place where everything is dark and everyone has relationships with everyone. Remove the head from the image of masks, dirty things, etc. This is the image conveyed by the media of these places, because, among other things, only the strongest are taken out when reporting, and people (who are often actors or report commissioners) with masks so that they are not recognized.

How many men and women appear on the contact pages and what are they looking for?

In many cases, quick contacts are sought, probably for sexual purposes, where is the problem? That there are many photos that are not real, profiles in which there is a big difference between what is established and reality. Problem: Later, you meet the man, and when you see him, you often face reality. It’s not what you expected, the photo is from years ago, and its personality is not what it looked like in whatsup or chat. But you’ve already met him. Now you have to say NO if you don’t want to, or find an excuse to disappear, and what will be the reaction? You are alone in front of a stranger, you don’t know how he will react…..


When a girl comes alone or with a group of friends, the first thing we do is show you the local rules and codes of the liberal world.

Then you can have a drink in the bar where NONE will bother you. The respect in these places is maximum.

You will never see anyone drunk, stunned or brazen. That’s what we’re here for. So that the place is a reliable place where you feel calm and comfortable in the blink of an eye.

From there, if you want to meet people, whether couples or singles, just tell us and we will introduce you to polite and friendly people who will tell you about their experiences in the liberal world.

The first thing you’ll see is a room where you can listen to music, you can dance, like in any discotheque, but be with the people there, very respectful.

If later you like a boy, we will tell you if we know him as he is and we will introduce him to you. If we don’t know him because it’s the first time he comes, we’ll also let him know.

As soon as we have introduced them, they will have the opportunity to have a drink together, to chat, but with only one reservation: they are not alone. If you don’t like the guy, or it’s not what you think, you just have to tell him: “I’m glad I met you, but I’ll keep drinking alone”.

If you like it and it’s what you’re looking for, set the limits YOU and ONLY YOU.

If you’re with a group of friends, it’s exactly the same thing. You can spend a pleasant and safe night in a liberal environment where respect comes first.

Of course we are happy with every pre-registration, as this makes the planning of the evenings clearly easier for us.
A compulsory registration is NOT necessary. Due to our capacity limit (especially for singles!) we recommend it.

ATTENTION: All bookings are valid until 23:00. After that we will cancel the reservations. The discount associated with the booking will also be cancelled. 

Please check your spam folder first. E-mail messages are often missing.

On the other hand, we try to respond to your emails promptly. But we also do not work 24 hours a day and we like to have days off and sleep from time to time 🙂

This means that we will continue to answer WITHOUT MAIL on Sundays or in the middle of the night 🙂

Yes, that can happen 🙂
We are at your disposal by telephone on our opening days from 20:00 to 23:00 hours. 

BUT maybe there is another conversation on the line, or you have to go to the bathroom (it must happen) or there is a provider (yes, we also have something like that) in front of the door or a customer wants to be admitted or, or, or, or, or, or….

We try to answer all calls. But WE DO NOT HAVE ANY CALL CENTER behind the phone number and we only have two eyes). 

Again, we will NOT accept calls on Sundays.

No, that’s not necessary with us.

You can park around the club in the street or in the side streets without problems.

Please look under the link, how to find us. There you will find directions. But also a Google-Map with the coordination data.

Please follow the link inserted here. This will take you to a page where you can calculate your taxi costs. 

Taxi costs

No, I’m afraid we can’t.

Our guests are between 25 – 55 years old.

The VIP card is an internal discount that we offer to every customer. 

You can buy this card for € 30,00. This card is then valid for the current calendar year. 

With this card the entrance fee is reduced by € 10,00. Furthermore you have the possibility to book a 4 drinks option for one evening. 

Further information can be found under the menu item “Information” on the right side. 

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