Swingersclub Majorca

  • +34 634 321 316
  • info(at)

Swingersclub Majorca

  • +34 634 321 316
  • info(at)

Welcome to Elixir de Fuego - your swingersclub on Majorca

The ELIXIR DE FUEGO is not only a swingers club. More a meeting place for open-minded, liberal travelers from all over the word.

The ELIXIR DE FUEGO is a club for experimental couples & singles on journey, seeking and discovering outside the traditional relationship structures. For cosmopolitian free spirits, those who are looking for multisexual experiences with multicultural people.

The ELIXIR DE FUEGO offers a clean, safe location for modern couples – who prefer to get to know others together instead of cheating – and emancipated ladies and well groomed, charming gentlemen.

The ELIXIR DE FUEGO provides swingers, or  newcomers to the “non conforming world”, a place of desire, for a stylish and sensual fulfillment of their fantasies.

Dress in your hottest lingerie, wear the most frivolous outfit – slip into another role. Everthing goes – nothing is required to experience your sexual freedom.

Your Elixir de Fuego.

Special Events 2019 / 2020

The ELIXIR DE FUEGO offers you special events throughout the year. Whether it is the stylish erotic end of the year or the dance pool party on Mallorca. Maybe it can be a little bondage or a gang bang? Boredom was yesterday.

Swingerpartys (summer-season)

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday offer the ELIXIR DE FUEGO Swingerpartys for a night free from taboos. Every Tuesday under the theme “Meet & Greet” we provide an opportunity for aktive couples, single ladies and gentlemen. Wednesdays may the ladies accept the scepter. The gents provide, a dream for many ladies – for frivolous game lovers a MUST TO DO! Thursdays we have a good, cool lounge-evening.

Permanent events

Every libertine will found on the weekends his fulfilment. With changing Events offer the ELIXIR DE FUEGO a location in the heart of Majorca for erotic – multi sexual swingerpartys for couples, ladies and gents beyond conventional morals. The ELIXIR DE FUEGO a save and clean place for your libertine – dreams.

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