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Special Cocktail Night​

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Special Cocktail Night


Our bartenders are serving you delicious homemade cocktails today. Garnished with fresh fruits and cocktails mixed with the best ingredients. Of course you can also get the cocktails without alcohol.


Admission for single men is not allowed!



Dress code for this event: 

Gentlemen: Kinky costumes, with suit or trousers and formal shirts and unicolors, bathrobe or kimono, also erotic underwear (black and/or transparent boxers) or simply the pareos provided by the club will be allowed.


Ladies: Erotic and sexy lingerie, kinky, kimonos, babydoll, buster- Corset, daring dresses or the brightly coloured pareos provided by the club or simply topless accompanied by a choker and earrings, all this combined with Salon shoes or those provided by the club.






Register for the event: 




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