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Reports from Spanish and German television

This is a video from Spanish television. Broadcasted on IB3. It was shot at Elixir de Fuego and Le Swing. 

2012/2013 a reportage of EXCLUSIVE – The reportage of RTL2 was filmed with us. 

Due to licensing reasons we can’t post the video here. 

BUT the show runs at least 2x a year on German television under the title: 


If you have a TVNow subscription, you can watch the episode directly. Or you can find out there, the next broadcast date 🙂 

The following report is from the HAPPY WEEKEND….Yes – they still exist 😀 

Happy Weekend 43rd volume HW-1072 July 15/2014


This report comes from the Mallorca newspaper is is I think from the 2011 vintage. 

It is a report from the predecessor – therefore ABSOLUTE NOT UP TO DATE. 

But as we all know – the internet does not forget. 

Mallorca Newspaper

We hope you had an amusing time on this page 🙂 

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