22.10.2019 Dear guests and friends. As usual the Elixir de Fuego goes from 31-10-2019 with some days into the winter break. This year there is however a pleasing change. FROM NOW ON THURSDAY STAYS IN THE PROGRAM! But please make sure that Thursday is NOT a couple’s evening anymore. This means: Thursday & Friday are mixed evenings and Saturday stays as couples evening. 


27.08.2019 Dear guests and friends of the club, due to urgent renovation measures we will close Tuesday next week. The other opening days will remain unaffected. Thank you very much for your understanding.


25.06.2019 Dear guests, we are working hard on our new homepage. We apologize for any errors, missing pages or short inaccessibility of the site. If you notice something, just send an email to mp(at)


15.06.2019 We welcome Saray as a new team member. Saray will support Davide at the bar every weekend.


01.06.2019 We are happy to welcome our Valentina as a new team member. Valentina will spoil you at the weekends with tasty drinks at the bar. Of course Valentina is available with Spanish & German language skills.


15.05.2019 Welcome Davide. We are happy to welcome Davide in our team. Davide is there for you on all opening days. Davide is at your disposal with Spanish, English and some German language skills.


01.05.2019 Hurrah, the season 2019 is about to start. We are happy to be able to offer you another day of ELIXIR DE FUEGO. New is the Tuesday with earlier opening hours. More information can be found under Parties.

Our office for inquiries and reservations via mail is available from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 am – 1:00 pm & 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Press inquiries etc. are to be made exclusively via mail to info(at)

For telephone information and reservations you can reach us at + 34 634 321 316 or WhatsApp on our opening days from 20:00 pm – 23:00 pm.

Please understand that reservations made via e-mail from 20:00 pm can no longer be considered for the current evening event.

Outside these times we will not process any mails or enquiries by telephone or via WhatsApp!

Reservations must be confirmed by us.

Reservations & discounts remain valid until 23:00 pm. After that there is no claim to the discounted admission price or admission to the club. Special arrangements for VIP customers possible.

For reservations via mail you will receive a reservation number from us. Please make a note of this number and present it on admission.

We offer a discount* of € 10,00 for guests with a valid reservation number.

Another € 10,00 discount is possible with the purchase of a VIP card. More information about the VIP card can be found here under the VIP card tab.

You can save even more € 10,00 if you are a VIP customer and decide for the 4-Beverages Night.

Every customer who has visited the club at least 10 times in one calendar year will receive the VIP card for free for the coming calendar year. Please ask for our visitor card at the reception.

* Special events are excluded from discounts.

We offer every customer an in-house discount with our VIP card.

The VIP card costs € 30,00 each calendar year. With this card you immediately receive the reduced admission price.

Furthermore you have the possibility to book a 4-drinks night. This price includes 4 drinks for each couple. Water without gas is included.

Extended admission. Guests with a VIP card valid for the calendar year have the possibility to reserve an entry at a later hour.

Locker of your choice. Every customer with a VIP card valid for the calendar year can register his personal locker with us.

There are always other great discounts for special events exclusive only for our VIP customers.


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