Swingers Club Mallorca

How to find the Swingers Club

Here are the directions to the club. If you have trouble finding the swingers’ club, you can call us with the button. 



Carrer de la Garsa ( Garza) or  Calle de la Garsa 11

07610 Can Pastilla / Las Maravillas


Phone: +34 634 321 316


GPS 39.530193,2.731426


Google Map Plus Code:  GPJJ+3G Can Pastilla



Our club is located at the level of Balneario 13, which is the restaurants directly on the beach.


Coming from the Palma or Llucmajor motorway, take exit 10 and keep going towards the sea.

Before (!) the last roundabout (before the Hotel Sant Jordi) turn left. This is the Calle de L Albatros.

After about 70m you will find the club on the right side, opposite the Hotel Raxa.


If you are coming from Palma and have taken exit 8 (there is no exit 9), keep left towards Palma Aquarium. Drive until you see the aquarium on the left side and cross the roundabout. Directly (!) after the roundabout, take the 1st street on the left (Carrer del la Grua). Then take the 1st street to the right (Calle de L’Albatros) and you will see the Hotel Raxa.


If you are coming from Llucmajor and you have missed exit 10 (you will notice that you are passing Sa Farinera restaurant and suddenly you will see the Fun Center or the airport)

In this case, please leave the motorway and move again towards Llucmajor and follow the above directions.



From the direction of Arenal take the lines: 15, 21, 25 and 31.

IMPORTANT: Give a hand signal, otherwise the bus will not stop to boarding!

Get off at the bus stop Marbella (Apartaments Les Veles).

After getting off, walk another 10 meters in the direction of the bus and take the first street on the right.

There you will see our club after about 20 meters on the left side.

At the entrance there is a red, big 11th floor.


From the direction of Palma or Can Pastilla take the same lines.

IMPORTANT: Give a hand signal at the entrance, otherwise the bus will not stop to boarding!

Get off at the bus stop Marbella 10 (Apartaments Les Veles) AFTER SES FONTANELLES (Palma Aquarium).

After getting off, walk back about 30 metres in the opposite direction of the bus.

Then turn right into the street and after about 20 meters you will find yourself in front of our club.

At the entrance of the club you can see a big red 11.



Bus connections / timetables



Walk along the beach (playa) until you reach Balneario 13 (Balnearios are the restaurants on the beach, the number is written on the buildings)


ATTENTION: If you are facing the sea, keep to the right!


If you are at height 14 or 15, keep to your left.


At Balneario 13 there is a street that goes into it that is already Calle de la Garsa.


After about 60m the club is on the left side.


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