About us

Lukas Grüter

Managing director and co-owner

Born 1974 in beautiful Switzerland and since 2018 here on Mallorca.

In 2019 Lukas became managing director and co-owner of Elixir de Fuego. Lukas manages the club during the night and takes care of all direct processes of the club. 

Sascha Werthmann

Accounting & Purchasing

Born 1970 in Siegburg in beautiful NRW

Founder and co-owner of Elixir de Fuego and since 2012 on the island.

Since 2019 no longer active in current night operations. Now responsible for purchasing, the in-operative operation of the club and bookkeeping.

Michaela Plat

Webdesign & Office

Born 1975 in Walsrode in Northern Germany.

I am founder and co-owner of Elixir de Fuego since 2012.

Since 2019 no longer working in the current night business, I now take care of web design, social media & the office behind the Elixir.


Elixir de Fuego

Swingers Club

Lovingly called the Elixir

Born more than 25 years ago on Mallorca as the first swingers club on the island, the Elixir with its 320 m² still offers a place for couples & singles who like to experiment on their journey.

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