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About us

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Lukas Grüter

Managing director and co-owner

Born in 1974 in beautiful Switzerland and since 2018 at home here on Mallorca.

In 2019 Lukas became managing director and co-owner of Elixir de Fuego. Lukas runs the club at night and takes care of all direct operations of the club at night. 


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Sascha Werthmann

Accounting & Purchasing

Born 1970 in Siegburg in beautiful NRW


Michaela Plat

Webdesign & Office

Born 1975 in Walsrode in Northern Germany.

Sascha and I, bought the club in 2012 and made it what it is today.

A small, but quite successful company.


After 7 years in night work and the work that a business entails, we decided to look for a partner for the club and to withdraw from night work.


Time has also shown that the tasks behind such a company need more attention than we have been able to muster in the last years.


This has led to the Sascha taking care of the purchasing, accounting and tax and legal affairs of the club.

I myself take care of the web design, as well as all social media channels, reservations and the buffet.


But no worries…


Your Sascha & Michaela


, About us, ,
Swingers Club

Affectionately known as the Elixir…

Born over 25 years ago on Mallorca as the first swingers club on the island, the Elixir with its 320 m² still offers a place for couples & singles who like to experiment on their journey.

The Elixir is a small club with a total of 5 rooms.

Among them is a massage zone and also a darkroom. You will also find a small BDSM – SM corner.

The bar is big and offers enough space for the dancers among you, also to try pole dancing if you want.

The bar is equipped with comfortable sofas and armchairs.

We attach great importance to good drinks. This means that we also offer corresponding drinks. Of course you can also enjoy a nice fresh tapped beer. Or even a delicious coffee 🙂

In summer we also offer drinks like Sangria and Mojito too.


At the weekends the club offers a cold – buffet. We have intentionally distanced ourselves from offering warm food. On the one hand, because we don’t have a dining room and on the other hand, we think that you should go to a club for other reasons than the food 🙂


In 2019 the Elixir has probably got its biggest modernization in its existence. Which also meant that the rooms had to be completely redesigned. We are working with united forces to complete this work by the coming summer season 2020. 


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